Suffering Becomes an Element of Jesus’ Compassion

God does suffer difficulties to overshadow our lives. This suffering has great meaning in  becoming a child of God and being a life long His disciple. Faithfulness to what one inwardly invest true is the goal(s) one must strive to produce. For an example:

One can only manifest the good intent they have the ability to produce. Therefore, others should not force one to be or produce their intent(s) to reach their goal(s). I have had such desires pressed upon myself by others. I knew inwardly that saints were praying for me but I felt that “no man cared for my soul.” There was the feeling then that I should be property in stead of a sister who possessed her own Godly insight to share with her brothers and sisters. As disciples, we are to sprinkle their fruit in others, and not produce spiritual prototypes of ourselves. Inward fruit producing, this is church growth.

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