About Me

About Me

Hello! I am Nannette. I most appreciate conversing with the melting pot of the natural culture that is innate in people. The sharing of knowledge is vigor ting and exiting to me. The more I mature in Christ and around the simple complexities of this life He spearheads, the more my soul is satisfied in relationships with others. I was born in the south during deep winter cold falls: Winston Salem, North Carolina.

About My Book

I am an aspiring writer who seeks to tell my truth, my life experiences, and my stories that define my character and position in Christ. My first impressive book reveals what Jesus has revealed of Him to me. He has detailed to me that He is the “Trinitarian God and The Only Self-Made Man.” These statements of Jesus are true according to (Revelation 1: 12-18) and (Colossians 2:9). Revelation 1:12-18 gives a vivid description of Him in His Trinitarian form: The Godhead bodily is (physically) expressed in Him. In Revelation, Jesus is seen in His Spirit/physical form and in Colossians He is expressed of Jesus of Nazareth who walked among man, teaching, and “healing all manner of sickness and disease” (scripture). These depictions of Jesus inform that Jesus Christ of Revelation is also Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The name of this, my verbal Spirit-filled book is Jesus Christ: The Trinitarian God: The Only Self-Made Man.

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