Book Preview

A Preview of Jesus Christ: the Trinitarian God

This happened during Devotional Praise and Worship. I stood near the center of my large modern day classroom. I applied a simple verbal example to the spiritual concept that Jesus is God. This was my untold topic, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” He is the Locus Trinitarian God. He is seen in His fullness in (Rev. 1:12-18). And therefore, according to (Col. 2:9), this same Jesus who became a man is also the only self-made man. My mission was the interpreted unveiling and the revealing that Jesus is His Spiritual root.  Meaning, He is the set of all points. The Locus, whose name is Logos, the Word who became of Himself. And “whose form and location is determined by stated conditions.” I am referring to God’s genetic allele. Being specific, any form and location of God: the Word who manifests at alternate or exact times. These are the biblical and historical predestined forms, locations and conditions of the Word. The history and the pre existent need for Christ. I am radically articulating Christ’s inheritance. Jesus’ predestined calling. This Godly mission required an ever-eternal, omnipresent, incarnate, Jewish Rabbi Savior. And for me to bring to life and light this theory that Jesus is indeed God. Without mention of the other named complexities of His person. My detailed account progressed similar to this. Class, what if you had an apple and another apple came from that same apple. How this example does entwine God and Jesus? Suddenly, one of the second grade boys spoke. This happened after multiple lapping seconds. He chattered with great excitement.  He loudly proclaimed. “He is both,” “the Father and the Son!”